As a managing editor of a small independent book publishing company, having Marlan on board has been an essential part of the process. She is so knowledgeable and an expert at what she does. She is a joy to work with.--Kari Hock, Green Darner Press/Gemelli Pres

I hired Marlan three weeks ago to help publicize my Fathers' Wisdom book. She did an outstanding job with all of her work and services. She wrote a press release to publicize a reading that I was giving at a store in Long Beach, and the event had standing room only! She also created a one-page media sheet and media kit for my book, which are filled with powerful language to convey the highlights and inspiration of the book. Marlan was also a great help and support with some publication issues for my book. She was in frequent communication with me, so I knew the progress of her work. In addition to being an excellent publicist, she was also highly encouraging to me with issues I faced as a new author. I also appreciated her service ethic and genuine care about me and the book. Her expertise, work and guidance were stellar. I highly recommend Marlan's book publicity services. She definitely merits her 5 stars!!
Jennifer Jordan, Author of Dadly Wisdom

Kelli and Kelly Books for Kids highly recommends Marlan. She is passionate, collaborative and she inspires. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with Marlan. 
                                  --Kelli Nielsen, Kelli and Kelly Books for Kids

For all your book publicity needs I highly recommend Marlan Warren. As an author with three crime novels in need of better marketing strategies and publicity, I have found Marlan to be a seriously good publicist because she devotes time and trouble in clearly identifying her clients' objectives at the outset and then defining what is realistically achievable in publicity terms--both in the short and long-term. She is very resourceful, has an eye for detail, a talent for writing and research, and a pragmatic--but positive approach--to every issue. From a client’s perspective it is a joy to deal with someone who is so responsive, constructive and supportive. As a client I feel very reassured in her hands and have confidence in her considerable abilities to promote my work. She is very personable and easy to deal with – an added bonus! --Celia Conrad, Author of Alicia Allen Investigates 

Marlan Warren is the publicist for my new novel, Changing Spaces, published by Plain View Press in January 2014. She has been an indefatigable advocate and tireless researcher, finding ways to promote my book, arrange appearances, and, unexpectedly, acting like a detective to discover glitches in the listing of my book on Amazon. She’s smart, hard-working, sensitive to my needs as a writer/author, and an expert at communicating complex ideas and practices clearly and thoroughly. I cannot recommend her highly enough.--Nancy King, Author of Changing Spaces

Marlan Warren is so devoted to her clients that it's a wonder she has time for her own life. She takes her work very personally, and is always thinking about ways to make her clients shine. What's best about her, besides her integrity, is her creativity. Instead of just treading the path everyone else takes, she also walks off the main road and discovers outlets for her writers that few others think of. Kudos!
--Judith Fein, The Spoon from Minkowitz

 I have been so impressed with the work Marlan has done for me in promoting my book, ALL STORMS PASS: The Anti-Meditations and my private practice as a Life Coach and Hypnotist. Marlan is sharp and creative.  Probably one of the brightest sharpest people I've ever worked with.  She knows what to do.  She creates a plan, she executes it and she takes care of business.  It is obvious that she has a LOT of experience working with promoting, announcing and facilitating events.  She gets the word and announcements out to all the relevant print media in plenty of time and her excellent writing skills continue to blow me away.  In fact, her writing skills are such a strong asset that they come into play and make every step with her on the mission even more impressive and effective.

She especially did effective, impressive and comprehensive work in organizing my book tour, creating the opportunity for and facilitating my radio interviews, and in designing and maintaining my book's website and Facebook pages as well as scouting and procuring new venues for readings/signings, interviews and workshops.  Marlan is also great with social media including Facebook, Twitter, writing and placing effective blogs and articles and designing web pages.  I am particularly happy with the Facebook pages that she did for me, the independent webpage she designed for my book.  She also knows how to make deft use of Meetup as a tool which continues to pay off in setting up events and workshops for me.

Marlan has a very strong personality which means that she gets things done.  At the same time, I feel like she really listens to what I want and executes the work to make my priorities happen and in the ways I need them done.        --Luke Benoit, Author of All Storms Pass: The Anti-Meditations